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PLO Founder & CEO

Let me first say… I PRAYED & CRIED, SACRIFICED, LOST SLEEP, and PRAYED AGAIN for PLO.. This is the REAL testimony and motivation as to why Pretty Lovely Organics was CREATED. The results though … it forced me to open up about my personal journey…

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My Story

OK , my self care journey has taught me so much and still learning.. I’ve learned about my triggers and how my body communicates and responds to those TRIGGERS Inside and Out.. 

Having gone through a divorce (STRESS trigger)… Weighed on me. My hair and skin PHs was out of balance for a long time. Acne humbled me ok!!! I felt ashamed because I couldn’t find a quick fix… Unfortunately many skincare products I tried caused dryness. 

My hair needed a big chop - too many dead strands, split ends, & my hair was falling out and held no moisture retention. 


That’s when there was a call to action:


After crying and praying to the Father for a solution.  He revealed:


Make my own solution - for my hair and skin problems 


  • DIY became my vision & mindset.  


I’ve always been interested in organic/holistic medicine & research. I love HAIR and how vast the textures are. Being experienced as a pharmacy tech, has helped me navigate through this process. 


I knew what to look for… 





On what the body needs (healthy balance - good eating habits, exercise, proper hair care and using the right products) to produce and preserve hair. 


-What causes acne and how to tame it ? (RESEARCH IT)


-After Compounding &  testing.. which was stressful and time consuming. 

-As results started to show up; I knew I couldn’t be selfish. 


-So far Throughout this journey I’ve learned:




-My skin is super sensitive, oils & some cleaning agents were                                                                            abrasive. 

-My hair grows fast but needed a boost of proper nutrients to grow                                          stronger and preserve length.  

-My curl pattern is a mix of 2 textures due to heat damage. 

-My eating habits and stress levels was a direct correlation to my                                                       acne and hair problem.


So really the inner work is key!

Also I had to learn the business side of things; which is an ongoing process and requires a lot of devotion and discipline! This has been almost 2 years in the making and I am so excited to be able to offer wholesome hair care products to you! 


Pretty Lovely Organics:

Our formula is nutrient based so all of our ingredients are selected to aid in optimal nourishment for the follicle, scalp, and skin.


Hair Butter

Shampoo and Conditioner 

Concentrated Growth Oil

Custard for Curls

Customized Tea Rinses for Hair 

Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin 


Shop our Products


Our products have been researched & tested through humans trials (no animal testing).


It is a prayer answered more than anything. THANK YOU JESUS 

So I really look forward to serving you all! 


The official launch was December 21, 2021 & was a total success, Thank You guys for your Support, We here at PLO, are humbled.


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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